A different haircut will always make you stand out of the crowd so it is important to have a stylish and modern haircut that looks great at the back and sides. If you have long hair you know that the haircuts are limited without a nice layering style. V shape hair is great haircut idea for almost any hair type except curly hair but it looks best on straight and fine hair. Because sleek straight hair shows off the model perfectly.

V shape can be created with layering easily, just ask your stylist how deep V you want and s/he will help you to achieve the best long hair look of your life! It would be much more easy to style your hair if you have thick hair type.

It is very easy to create an effortlessly chic look with a long V shape layering style, just check out the best looks in his gallery and be inspired!

1. Amazing V Shape Very Long Haircut

V Shape Long Haircuts

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2. Dark Brown Long V Shape Hair

Long V Shape Haircuts

3. Layered Cut V Shape Long Hairstyle

V Shape Long Hairstyles

4. Platinum Blonde V Shape Long Hair Cut

V Shape Long Hair Cuts

5. Soft Wavy V Shape Hair

V Shape Haircuts


V Shape Long Haircuts-6


V Shape Long Haircuts-7


V Shape Long Haircuts-8


V Shape Long Haircuts-9


V Shape Long Haircuts-10


V Shape Long Haircuts-11


V Shape Long Haircuts-12


V Shape Long Haircuts-13


V Shape Long Haircuts-14


V Shape Long Haircuts-15