Hair color is a fun way of expressing one self and recently, it has become a craze among a lot of people. There are many colors to choose from now which was impossible to do before. People can select almost unique colors for their hair and not just the conventional highlights. But to select the right hair color one must choose something that complements the skin tone, face shape and other factors. It’s also important to keep a tab on the latest trends regarding hair color. For many this selection process can be daunting; which is why we have brought together a list of unique and beautiful hair color ideas that will make you look beautiful and sassy!

1. Chestnut Hair Color Idea

Hair Color Ideas

The chestnut color is great for people with darker shades of hair. It creates a voluminous and ‘beachy’ vibe that is great for the summer season. It suits both long and short hair and can be paired up with curls for a romantic look!

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2. Unique Ombre Hair Color

Long Hair Color

This unique hair color will surely turn heads. Ombre means the gradual shade of colors from dark to light or light to dark. The idea with such type of hair color is that it starts of darker at the roots and gradually lighter at the ends of the hair. But it can also be done the opposite way. You can choose colors like fuchsia which is a bright pink and purple-ish color or opt for darker shades like brown, dark blue etc.

3. Mermaid Blue Hair Color

Hair Colors

We all know someone who always dreamt of being a mermaid and swimming in the depths of the ocean. Even if those dreams may seem impossible, but looking like a mermaid is not! The mermaid blue hair color will give you a beautiful oceanic vibe, which is why it has been compared to the mythical creature. The color looks great on festive seasons and is perfect for Instagram pictures too!

4. Best Ash Blonde Hair Color Idea

Best Hair Color Ideas

5. Sand Blonde Color 2018

Hair Color Ideas 2018


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