We all know that short haircuts are in trends but you know what? Mid length hairstyles are the newest hair trend for women! Medium long hairstyle is referred to a not well-groomed haircut that people used to say that it is not short or long enough to style. But things have changed, medium length hairstyles are the most trending hairstyle nowadays and women love to sport it. It is short enough to style easily and long enough to sport different hairstyles from updos to braided hairstyles. The key to perfect medium length hairstyle is the layers. Layers will help you to style your hair and create different looks easily.  If you have thick and wavy hair layering will lighten up your hair and lead you the great and modern style. Women with thin and fine hair should not go with super long hairstyles, mid length hairstyles will make your hair look really modern and voluminous.

1. Medium Highlighted Long Hair

Medium Long Haircuts

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2. Wavy Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair

Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

3. Layered Hairstyle for Medium To Long Hair

Hairstyles for Medium To Long Hair

4. Medium Long Blonde Hair Style with Choppy Layers

Medium Long Hair Styles

5. Medium Long Brunette Hair

Medium Long Hair Cuts


Medium Long Hair Cuts-6


Medium Long Hair Cuts-7


Medium Long Hair Cuts-8


Medium Long Hair Cuts-9


Medium Long Hair Cuts-10


Medium Long Hair Cuts-11


Medium Long Hair Cuts-12


Medium Long Hair Cuts-13


Medium Long Hair Cuts-14

15. Wavy Mid Lenght Hairstyle with Blonde Balayage

Medium Long Hair Cuts-15