Long wavy hair is very versatile since many kinds of hairstyles can be done with it. Braided hairstyles, buns, half updos and many more can be done with longer lengths of hair. This is the reason why many women opt to have longer hair. But with such variety of choices, people get confused as to what hairstyle to choose for their hair. Unique hairstyles can make you look trendy but they must be chosen according to hair type and occasion. To help you out on this, we have brought together a number of attractive hairstyles that you can choose from to make you look gorgeous!

1. Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Long Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair looks great on all hair colors but particularly on blonde hair. Blonde hair usually has highlights or darker strands which is why waves look great on it. So if you have long blonde hair, you could try styling it with wavy curls to give a beach vibe. You could also dye your hair blonde if you have long dark hair and you wish to get this look.

2. Wavy Updo Hair

Long Wavy Hair

Updos are great for a formal occasion or to do on first dates! Updos are of many types and looks good on all shades of hair. You could opt to either do a half updo or a full according to your preference. For a flirty and romantic look, you could curl your hair to have a wavy look and take some strands to create a braid on the back of the head. This hairstyle will surely make you look like a gorgeous woman!

3. Long Wavy V Shape Hair Style

Long Wavy Hair Styles

V shape hairstyle means the bottom of the hair looks like a V Shape and it looks great on long hair. Pair it up with some waves and you have the perfect long hair hairstyle which is low maintenance but high style. Regular trims are necessary to maintain the shape of this hairstyle but it’s totally worth it.

4. Wavy Long Big Bun Hairstyle

Wavy Long Hairstyles

5. Low Ponytail Hair Style

Wavy Long Hair Styles


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