Calling all the ladies in their glorious age! We have gathered up popular hairstyle ideas for mature ladies that can give you fresh, younger and stylish looks!

When you are at a certain age, doesn’t mean that you should opt with grandma pixie styles. Every age has their own beauty and grace so you can still sport long hairstyles and look great with it. First of all you should choose the best hairstyle for your face shape and hair type. It is normal that you want to look younger if so you should go with modern and layered haircuts. Layered long hairstyles are perfect for mature ladies with both thick and thin hair.  If you have thinning hair problem you can give some volume to your hair with layering. It would be much more easy to style your hair when you have layered hairstyle with thicker hair. If you have thin and gray hair avoid super long hairstyle, medium long hairstyles are the best for older women.

So here are the best long hairstyles for mature women, please take a look at these gorgeous hairstyles and make sure that you will save your favorite to show your hair stylist next time you visit your salon!

1. Long Hairstyle for Older Women

Hairstyles for Older Women

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2. Stylish Haircut for Older Women

Haircuts for Older Women

3. Older Women’s Medium Hairstyle

Older Women Hairstyles

4. Wavy Hair Style for Older Women

Hair Styles for Older Women

5. Half Up Long Hairstyle

Older Women with Long Hair


Older Women Hairstyles-6


Older Women Hairstyles-7


Older Women Hairstyles-8


Older Women Hairstyles-9


Older Women Hairstyles-10


Older Women Hairstyles-11


Older Women Hairstyles-12


Older Women Hairstyles-13


Older Women Hairstyles-14


Older Women Hairstyles-15