Hair color is the most important component of long hair because it is the first thing that we look at your and your hair color. So it should be suitable for you skin tone, on the other hand, it should fit your style and latest hair coloring trends too.

Ombre and balayage are the most popular coloring trend and they won’t be out of fashion any time soon. We have seen really sharp and obvious ombre colorings in the recent years but today it gets much more natural. Also, balayages should be blended nicely into the base color so it would look really natural like highlights. Today balayage¬†ombre is very popular among women, you can add a nice shiny color or different pastel colors as balayage-ombre to create modern and chic styles.

Pastel hair colors are also very popular among young women, it can be added as highlights or you can create really nice styles by dying your hair full. Besides pastel pink and blues, gray hair color is very popular too. Ash colors are perfect for women with medium to dark skin tones.

1. Long Hair Ombre Color

Long Hair Colors

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2. Best Grey Ombre Hair Color

Best Hair Colors

3. 2017 Long Blonde Hair Color

2017 Long Hair Colors

4. Great Long Hair Color Idea

Long Hair Color Ideas

5. Ashy Blonde Long Hair Color Style

Long Hair Color Styles


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