Super long sleek straight hair is every women’s dream from time to time. It may be hard to maintain super long hair but when you choose the right haircut and layering then use hair products that will keep your hair healthy there is no reason not to rock long straight hair!

As I said before layering is the key to a healthy and stylish hair. Long hair won’t look appealing or chic without any layering so there are lots of different haircuts and layering styles that you can go with. If you have thick straight hair and want to emphasize your face chin length layering is always a good idea. You can add light layers at the ends too. Women with fine or thin long hair can go with much more heavy layering to add some volume and lightness. Also, V-shaped haircuts would look really great on long hair.

If you like natural looks you can add balayage or highlights that are lighter that your hair color, this way your hair will look shiny and healthy. You can sport any hairstyle with long hair from gorgeous updos to ponytail it is another plus of a long hair.

1. Long Soft Messy Straight Hairstyle

Long Straight Hairstyles

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2. Straight Long V Shape Hairstyle

Straight Long Hairstyles

3. Long Straight Hair Low Ponytail

Long Straight Hair

4. Long Blunt Cut Straight Hair Style

Long Straight Hair Styles

5. Layered Straight Hairstyle

Best Long Straight Hairstyles


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Long Straight Hairstyles-11


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Long Straight Hairstyles-14


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