Every season we come up with the latest hairstyle trends that you will love and adopt. Today, I want to talk about highlights that will make you shine bright like a diamond.

When you are fine with your haircut but want to change the color of your hair little bit highlights would be perfect for you. Let’s open up the peek a boo highlights little bit. This can be applied to the bangs, sides or the back sections. Highlights will show them little bit but not that obvious. You can use any hair color from bright ones to pastel colors. With just a splash of color peeking out to say hello, you will be turning heads immediately! You can achieve the best peek a boo effect if you hide the vibrant hair color in the back of the hair when it flows or put it in a ponytail, it will show itself instantly.

Here is the latest long hairstyle trend that will make you look stylish, beautiful and eye-catching. These peek a boo highlight styles are perfect for any hair type and hair color.

1. Blonde Peek a Boo Color on Brunette Hair

Peek a Boo Colors

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2. Peek a Boo Color for Long Dark Brown Hair

Peek a Boo Long Hair

3. Blonde Long Hair with Brown Red Peek a Boo Color

Long Hair Peek a Boo Colors

4. Different Peek a Boo Hairstyle

Peek a Boo Hairstyles

5. Blue Peek a Boo Long Hairstyle

Peek a Boo Long Hairstyles


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-6


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-7


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-8


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-9


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-10


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-11


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-12


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-13


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-14


Peek a Boo Hair Colors-15