Long hairs are loveable to their owners. They can’t think of giving up on them no matter how much mess or dirty look they get every morning after waking up from bed. We respect this passion and equally aware of your hidden wish for getting a change on your look. You can’t disagree that regular hairstyles become boring after a certain period of time.

Hey, don’t think we’re trying to convince you for opting for a medium or short hair. We are by no means moving that way. The simple suggestion we are gonna put forward is coloring your hair. By doing so, you can celebrate your long hair, get a different look and manage to cut that everyday hairstyle for a good alternative.

So what’s next? Selecting the color! Unlike other hair dyes, dark brown has a significant appeal. It’s bold, delightful and on style. From elegant models to red carpet celebrities, every class tries this color and satisfying with the result. Perfect for both casual and party looks.

Now, the biggest question is – do all hairstyle reigning in the hairstyle industry suits long hair accentuated with dark brown hue. The answer is – “No!” You’ve to be very much selective while picking the absolute match. So, in this article, we’ve unified 15 dark brown long hairstyles for women that you can try to wear a vibrant look.

1. Layered Dark Brown Long Hairstyle

Dark Brown Long Hairstyles

When you are craving to cheer up that everyday flat look, closing your eyes you can go with this layered dark brown long hairstyle. Because unlike other hairstyles, it’s not meant for any one or two specific purposes. It’s versatile and easy to maintain. It’s bound to lend you a delicate, classy, exquisite and refreshing look without sacrificing your comfort even for a single moment.

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2. Thick Brown Long Hairstyle

Brown Long Hairstyles

3. Soft Lights with Dark Brown Long Hair

Dark Brown Long Hair

4. Very Long Dark Brown Hairstyle

Dark Brown Hairstyles

5. Caramel Balayage Brown Hairstyle

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