Calling all the young ladies! Today we’ve collected very cute hairstyle ideas including gorgeous braided hairstyles to cute updo styles and much more… Long hair can be really hard to maintain in summer, it is likely that you are looking for new and stylish hairstyles that will make your hair out of your face and nape in a chic way.

First of all, braided hairstyles are indispensable for summer, you can create a wide range of different styles with braids.  Cute braided half updo styles are perfect for romantic and adorable styles. You can create a punk-rock style with thin side braids, a ponytail would look good too. Braided updo styles are also the perfect choice for special events.

Bun is very comfortable and chic hairstyle idea for girls with long hair, the messy bun can be created easily especially if you have thicker hair texture. You need to add some volume and texture to your hair if you want a big messy bun.

1. Cutest Long Braided Hair

Cutest Long Hair

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2. Cute Braid Crown Long Hairstyle

Cute Long Hairstyles

3. Cute Long Ponytail Hair Style

Cute Long Hair Styles

4. Cutest Waterfall Braided Long Hairstyle

Cutest Long Hairstyles

5. Cute Long Hair Band

Cute Long Hair Ideas

6. Side Braids for Punk-Rock Style

Cutest Long Hair-6


Cutest Long Hair-7


Cutest Long Hair-8


Cutest Long Hair-9


Cutest Long Hair-10


Cutest Long Hair-11


Cutest Long Hair-12


Cutest Long Hair-13


Cutest Long Hair-14


Cutest Long Hair-15