Blonde hair is regarded as the part of beauty for women and if it is long highlighted blonde then the beauty is undefinable. Blonde hair culture can be found mostly in Northern Europe. There are various types of blond hair categories like ash blonde, dishwater/ dirty blond, golden blond, honey blond, platinum blond etc. Having blonde hair looks like a fairy. The current fashion offers various great shades for color for blonde hair. The earlier fashions included the honey bond, platinum blond, and dark blond. Any base of hair can be highlighted and blonded.

There are few things to take into consideration if you decide to blond and highlight your hair. Blonde hair requires high maintenance. It is also important for you to protect your hair and also beautifying and shinning it.

So, here are a few essential tips to know:

1) Blonde hairs do fall during the cold. It remains on its texture beautifully in icy conditions.

2) Only one colored hair ( for example – only black) can be blended with both low and high lights of shades to make it look more natural.

3) If you have the natural blonde hair by birth, it will be really great as once you just color it, eventually, it would look great and stylish and this type of natural blonde hair is perfect for highlighting.

4) Platinum color is the best for winter. Olive skin tonne with the contrast within skin and hair is awesome opposite the icy blond.

1. Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyle

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles

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2. Wavy Highlighted Long Hairstyle

Highlighted Long Hairstyles

3. Soft Ombre Blonde Highlighted Long Hair

Blonde Highlighted Long Hair

4. Blonde Highlighted Front Long Hair Color

Blonde Highlighted Long Hair Colors

5. Honey Blonde Highlighted Long Hair

Blonde Highlighted Long Hair Styles

6. Black Roots on Blonde Waves

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-6

7. Straight Sleek Tress

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-7

8. Buttery Effect

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-8

9. Shiny Thick Mane

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-9

10. Side Swept Layered Front Hair Side View

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-10

11. Messy Stunning Look

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-11

12. Gorgeous Party Hairdo

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-12

13. Simple and Sweet Middle Parted Tress

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-13

14. Silky Long Deep Waves

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-14

15. Multiple Color Mixture

Blonde Highlighted Long Hairstyles-15