Hair color is perhaps a great tool for revealing the color and beauty of both your eyes and your skin. It should be suitable for your hair type and skin tone; some light colors like golden blonde won’t look great on black women or women with dark skin tones. But ashy blonde or dark colors would be a great idea for them. If you have light skin tone red, and blonde shades would look really gorgeous. Medium to light skin tones can go with brunettes and red or honey blonde colors to flatter their looks.

Brown hair colors are so versatile and very natural that any woman can find a nice shade for themselves. If you have naturally brunette hair you can create really nice styles with ombre and balayage coloring techniques. Blonde, red or different hair colors would be a nice idea for this hair color. Blonde hair colors are also very flattering hair colors, from golden blonde to ashy or bleached blonde there are lots of different shades that you can opt for. Gray hair color is also very popular it looks like a mermaid on long and wavy hairstyles.

1. Copper to Blonde Long Hair Color

Long Hair Colors

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2. Purple Ombre Hair Color Idea

Hair Color Ideas

3. Ash Blonde Long Hair Color

Long Hairstyle Colors

4. Dark Red Hair

Hair Colors

5. 2017 Ombre Hair Color

2017 Hair Colors

6. Balayage Coloring Technique

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Long Hair Colors-7


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