Short or medium length hair may not look heavenly when it comes to black long hair. But with long black hair, you can expect to look fabulously different and much like a goddess. We can’t say this about blonde or other hair color. However, it’s not that you’ll start looking like a fairy without doing anything at all with your hair. Getting lovely compliments on your hairdo needs some time and effort to make it happen.

Here, we have come up with varieties of amazing hairstyles for long black hair that you’re gonna love. Not to mention, once correctly done, you’ll be ready to attend any occasion and your beholders will keep on falling for your gorgeous look coupled with the hairstyle.

1. Long Black Straight Hair

Long Black Hair Colors

This is the most common hairstyle for long black straight hair. But no matter how old or traditional it look like, you can’t ignore it’s sleekness and appeal on the onlookers. Its shine is nigh unbeatable when it comes to select the best hairdo for a formal as well as informal party look. However, you will require to take extra care of your hair to keep it always spell-bounding. Eat healthy, take care of the hair accurately, even more, consult a hair specialist and you’ll never have to worry about looking charming.

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2. Two Bun Long Black Hair

Long Black Hair

While double buns seem a comeback of 90’s hairstyle that we boundlessly adore with all our heart, pairing it with long hair can lend you a badass look. Straight to wavy hair, all sorts ago perfect with this style. Who, possesses a way too silky and smooth texture of hair, may need to do some struggle to keep the buns in place. Otherwise, it takes not more a couple of minutes to give you a bold yet loveable look.


3. Two Braided Hair 2018

Black Hair

4. Long Black Medium Hair Style

Long Black Hair Styles

5. V Cut Long Black Hair

Long Black Hair Ideas


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