Blonde long hair is one of the most appealing and chic looks for women. Getting a more eye-catching and sexy look than blonde and long hair is so hard and there are lots of different shades of blonde that you can adopt suitable one for your skin tone.

First of all, there are lots of different blonde shades that any woman can find the perfect shade for them. For example, if you have dark skin tone ashy blonde shades would be perfect. Women with light skin tones can go with platinum or light blonde colors. If you have medium skin tone, golden blonde or caramel blonde will make your skin glow.

Long hair would be a burden if you don’t have any layering so layers that suit your hair type and face shape. If you want to frame your face nicely, chin length layers would be really nice. If you want to style your hair easily light layering at the ends of the hair is nice too.

1. Blonde Balayage Long Hairstyle

Blonde Long Hairstyles

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2. Blonde Long Ombre Hair

Blonde Long Hair

3. Chic Blonde Long Hair Style

Blonde Long Hair Styles

4. 2017 Blonde Long Two Bun Hairstyle

2017 Blonde Long Hairstyles

5. Best Blonde Ombre Long Hairstyle

Best Blonde Long Hairstyles

6. Ashy Blonde Long Hair Idea

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Blonde Long Hairstyles-7


Blonde Long Hairstyles-8


Blonde Long Hairstyles-9


Blonde Long Hairstyles-10


Blonde Long Hairstyles-11


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