Many people just wish they could have long hair and many people with long hair just wish to get that hair out of their face without having to be bothered by it all the time. If you are one of these people and you are looking for amazing long hairstyles, then we have just what you are looking for! We have a list of beautiful hairstyles that work well with long hair and that you can definitely try on your own and see if you like. If you do not really want something complicated and you just want to get that top part of hair out of your face, with your sides swinging freely, then you can just take a portion of hair and make a bun more or less at the top of your head. This can be a messy bun or you can make it look towered to give it more effect. Just remember not to tie all of your hair into the bun. Only use a portion so that the sides of your head are still covered with hair. Another amazing and elegant hairstyle if you have long hair is a lovely waterfall braid. This is a braid that runs all the way from one side of your head right around to the other side. As you braid you pick up pieces of hair from your head to create a beautiful waterfall effect. So, now that you have some hairstyles that you can try out, you can do these and even look for more or be creative and make your own!

1- Hairstyle for Long Hair

Hairtyle for Long Hair, Long Hair Balayage Brunette

2-Simple Braid

Simple Braid, Hairtyles Hair Long Styles

3-Very Long Cut

Very Long Cut, Hair Long Styles Del

4-Soft Waves

Soft Waves, Hair Long Hairtyles Styles

5-Ash Brown Long Hair for Girls

Ash Brown Long Hair for Girls, Hair Beauty Color Old

6-Ombre Hair

Hair Balayage Caramel Hairtyles

7-Honey Golden Brown Hair

Hair Hairtyles Emily Weekend

8-Long Hairstyle

Hair Hairtyles Long Prom

9-Natural Ash Brown Hair

Hair Thin Hairtyles Long

10- High Ponytail

High Ponytail Messy Ponytails

11-Long Ponytail

Long Hair Del Bob

12-Braided Hairstyle

Hair Braids Long Hairtyles

13-Layered Blonde Hair

Hair Blonde Balayage Up

14-Beachy Hairstyle

Hair Long Beach Styles

15-Hairstyle with Fringe

Hair Emily Prom Bang

16- Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyle

Hair Bun Up Long

17- Long Hairstyle

Hairtyles Long Hair Braided

18- Everyday Look

Hairtyles Long Hair Styles

19-Layered Hair with Lowlights

Hair Hairtyles Balayage 40

20-French Braided Hair

Hairtyles Braids Braided Hair

21-High Bun for Festive Look

Hair Prom Long Hairtyles

22-Gorgeous Hairstyle

Hair Hairtyles Wedding 65

23- Braided Wavy Half Updo Hair

Long Hairtyles Day Big

24-Beach Waves with Flower Accessory

Wedding Hair Hairtyles 40

25-Braided Long Hair

Hairtyles Long Braids Braided

26-Long Hairstyle

27-Waves with Highlights

28-Blonde Hair

29-Two Braids

30-Hair with Fringe

31-Blonde Ponytail

32-Cute Hairstyle

33-Festive Look

34- Blonde Wavy Hair

35-Braided Hair

36-Half Updo Hair

37-Gorgeous Look

38-Braided Ponytail

39-Braided Long Hair

40-Braided Blonde Wavy Hairstyle