It’s time to say goodbye to big tight curls and to say hello to these fabulous waves. Do you have long hair? Long waves have been an institution and a must-have for anyone who wants to look womanly – especially in recent years. For a long time, long wavy hair has been the go-to style for anyone seeking feminine sex attraction. Ready to find your styles right here? Choose a long hairstyle from these 35+ Wavy Haircuts 2015 – 2016 and feel more confident. All the options are trendy and stylish and if you are still in search of a elegant hairstyle you’ll surely meet it below. Let’s start:

1. Cute Wavy Black Hair with Copper Lights 2016

Wavy Black Hair with Copper Lights

2. Blonde Hairstyle for Wavy Long Hair

Blonde Hairstyle for Wavy Hair 2016

3. Wavy Balyage Long Hairstyle

Wavy Balyage Hair Hairstyles 2015

4. Modern Wavy Chestnut Haircut

Modern Wavy Haircut 2015

5. Blonde Wavy Long Hair

Haircuts Wavy Hair 2016

6. Very Long Dark Wavy Haircut

Very Long Wavy Haircuts Ideas

7. Ashy Silver Sombre Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Best Silver Sombre Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

8. Chocolate Brown Reverse Ombre Wavy Hair Hairstyle

Chocolate Brown Ombre Wavy Hair Hairstyles

9. Beachy Wavy Very Long Haircut

Beachy Wavy Haircut 2015

10. Layered Haircut with Bangs for Wavy Hair

Haircuts with Bangs Wavy Hair 2016

11. Natural Wavy Hair with Highlights

Haircuts for Natural Wavy Hair 2015

12. Long Wavy Brown Hair Ponytail

Long Wavy Hair Ponytail Styles

13. Chic Ombre Balayage Wavy Hair

Ombre Balayage Wavy Hair Styles

14. Long Pinned Wavy Beach Hair Cut

Wavy Beach Hair Cuts 2016

15. Chocolate Brown Wavy Hair Cut Side View

Best Chocolate Brown Wavy Hair Cuts

16. Jessica Alba Wavy Brown Hair Cut

Jessica Alba Wavy Hair Cuts Ideas 2015

17. Blonde Wavy Layered Hair Cut

Best Blonde Hair Wavy Cuts

18. Modern Wavy Blonde Haircut 2016

Modern Hair Wavy Cuts 2016

19. Dark Wavy Hair Cut Back View

Dark Wavy Hair Cut 2016

20. Dark Auburn Highlighted Fine Wavy Hair

Dark Auburn Highlighted Wavy Hair Styles

21. Cute Dark Balyage Wavy Hair Color

Dark Balyage Wavy Hair Color Styles

22. Caramel Highlights Long Wavy Hair Idea

Caramel Highlights Wavy Hair Idea 2016

23. Curly Wavy Long Brown Ombre Haircut 2016

Curly Wavy Long Haircuts 2016

24. Dark Long Thick Wavy Haircut

Dark Long Wavy Haircuts 2016

25. Wavy Messy Ashy Brown Haircut 2016

Wavy Messy Haircuts 2016

26. Classy Wavy Brown Haircut

Classy Wavy Haircuts 2016

27. Asian Wavy Layered Haircut

Asian Wavy Haircuts 2015

28. Ash Brown Wavy Haircut Back View

Ash Brown Wavy Haircuts

29. Soft Wavy Long Haircut with Side Bangs

Soft Wavy Long Haircuts

30. Beach Wavy V Cut Long Hair

Beach Wavy Long Haircuts 2016

31. Side Parted Blonde Wavy Long Haircut

Side Part Wavy Long Haircuts

32. Loose Wavy Long Layered Haircut

Loose Wavy Long Haircuts

33. Woman with Wavy Dark Brown Hair

Best Haircuts for Women with Wavy Hair 2015

34. Wavy Mid Length Hairstyle for 2016

Haircut Wavy Hair 2016

35. Woman with Light Brown Wavy Hair

Haircuts for Women with Light Brown Wavy Hair Styles

36. Wavy Nice Soft Blonde Hair 2016

Haircut Wavy Nice Blonde Hair 2016