With every year, a new thing comes. These things can include fashion statements, new songs being released by artists, new television or movie series being released, new clothing styles, new trends, new phones, new inventions, and of course, new hairstyles! This is one that many of us will definitely want to hear about. With every year that passes by there is a new beautiful hairstyle that always seems to go unnoticed at first and then becomes recognized as something flawless and amazing! Now, because the year is 2018, the possibilities and limits when it comes to doing hairstyles and creating new haircuts are endless! This is why we have made this list of straight styles for long hair 2018 that will have your hair looking ever so trendy. This idea of straight, long hairstyles for you to try out also makes searching for the perfect trendy hairstyle much easier for you! One hairstyle that is definitely trending this year is the style of keeping your hair long and styling it straight. Now, for those of us who are not fortunate enough to already have been born with straight hair, we might want to look at heat styling tools! Just make sure that you have the appropriate treatments at hand for when you need to boost that shine! You can have your hair straight and dye it an ashy blonde color or, if you have brown or blonde hair already, you can simply just add some ash blonde highlights and it is as easy as that! The key to this is having no imperfections and having that hair of yours as straight as possible! So, now that you know the trend, go try it out for yourself!

1-Long Straight Hairtyle 2018

Long Straight Hairtyle 2018, Blonde Hair Balayage Long

2-Balayage and Bangs

Balayage and Bangs, Balayage Hair Bangs Hairtyles

3-Straight Hairtyle

Straight Hairtyle, Blonde Hair Balayage Long

4-Easy Ponytail

Easy Ponytail, Ponytail Hairtyles Long Straight

5-Great Color

Great Color, Blonde Hair Balayage Hairtyles

6- Long Hair with Lowlights

Blonde Hair Lob Bob

7- Layered Straight Hair

Hair Highlights Mid Long

8- Long Braided Hairstyle

Hairtyles Hair One Kind

9- Half Updo Hair

Hair Hairtyles Red Color

10- V-shape Long Hair

Hair Blonde Long Straight

11- Very Long Hairstyle

Hair Long Straight Styles

12- Straight Layered Hair

Hair Balayage Brown Long

13- Long Hair with Fringe

Long Black Women Hairtyles

14- Black Hair

Hair Color Long Dark

15- Straight Hair with Highlights

Blonde Hair Layered Straight

16- Long Hair

Blonde Layered Hair Long

17- Straight Hair with Lowlights

Hair Long Hairtyles Bangs

18- Long Hair with Fringe

Hair Long Hairtyles Bangs

19- Long Hair with Bangs

Long Straight Hair 20

20- Layered Hairstyle

Kardashian Hair

21- Brown Hair

Balayage Hairtyles Brown Straight

22-V-shape Haircut

Hair Blonde Color Highlights

23- Layered Style

Blonde Hair Long Layered

24- Highlights

Long Blonde Blondes Straight

25- Sofia Vergara Long Hair

Hair Jennifer Aniston 20

26- Long Blonde Hair

27- Gorgeous Straight Hair

28- Grey Hair