We have all wanted bangs – or fringes – at least at one point in our lives. They have the ability to change the shape of our face and make us look like a whole new person.  Bangs can be styled in so many different ways and with so many different lengths of hair, including the length of the fringe itself. Because choosing the perfect fringe is so difficult and can be very time consuming, we have taken the liberty of gathering the best photos of long hair with bangs 2018. This article is just for you if you are someone who likes to be on trend and following up on the latest fashion styles, hairstyles, and makeup styles! We know that looking your best, especially when you want to be staying on trend, can be very difficult at times. This is why we are here to show you amazing long hairstyles that would look great with bangs! A very simple yet cute hairstyle is one where you let your long hair hang loose and you have your hairstylist cut a fringe for you. This has to be a long fringe though or this style will not work so well. You could part the fringe in the middle and let the sides connect with either side of your head, or you could part it on one side more than the other. You can even have normal bangs that are not parted and this would look equally great! An amazing hairstyle with bangs is to have your hair look full and thick and have your bangs cover your brows. This accentuates the shape of your face and brings out your natural beauty!

1-Long Hair with Bangs 2018

Long Hair with Bangs 2018, Bangs Hair Hairtyles Long

2-Blonde Hair Bangs

Blonde Hair Bangs, Bangs Hair Long 2017

3-Side Bangs

Side Bangs, Long Bangs Hair Straight

4-Thick Blunt Bangs

Thick Blunt Bangs, Hair Bangs Rock Long

5-Whispy Bangs and Layers

Whispy Bangs and Layers, Waves Updos Swept Locks

6- Ashy Blonde Hair

Hair Blonde Hairtyles All

7- Side Bangs

Hair Long Bangs Side

8- Long Hair with Fringe

Hair Long Hairtyle Layered

9- Long Bangs

Long Bangs Hairtyles Bob

10- Long Hair with Fringe

Hair Long Bangs Pony

11- Platinum Blonde Hair

Hair Blonde Color Balayage

12- Long Wavy Hair

Hair Ombre Bangs Fringe

13- Long Hair with Fringe

Hair Long Hairtyles Bangs

14- Hair with Bangs

Hairtyles Hair Bangs Layered

15- Long Hair with Highlights

Hair Bangs Long Hairtyles

16- Dark Long Hair

Bangs Birkin Amanda Cruz

17- Balayage Hair

Long Hair Hairtyles Styles

18- Black Hair with Fringe

Bangs Hair Long Styles

19- Layered Haircut

Long Layered Hair Bangs

20- Long Hair

Bangs Hairtyles Hair Hollywood

21- Long Straight Hair

Biel Jessica Long Bangs

22- Ombre Hairstyle

Hair Ombre Brown Long

23- Long Layers and Bangs

Hair Bangs Color Layers

24- Long Hairstyle

Hairtyles Hair Bangs Red

25- Hair with High Volume

Hair Bangs 50 Long

26- Long Hair

27- Long Hairstyle with Fringe

28- Cute Layers