Looking for the latest long hairstyles to spice up your style? Here in our gallery you will find the best images of 25 Haircuts for Ladies that you will adopt as your next hairstyle!

Long hairstyles have always been feminine, eye catching and stylish. If you have straight and flat hair you may want to add in some layers to create volume and texture. Layers also help style your hair easily whether you have straight hair or curly hair texture. To achieve sophisticated look you can sport bangs with your long hairstyle. So let’s check these gorgeous hairstyle ideas together!

1. Ladies Blonde Modern Hairstyle

Ladies Hairstyles

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2. 2016 Ladies Purple-Red Long Hair Style

Ladies Hair Style

3. Ladies Highlighted Medium-Long Hair Style

Ladies Hair Styles

4. Ladies Layered Long Haircut

Ladies Haircuts

5. Choppy Layered Hairstyle for Ladies

Hairstyles for Ladies

6. Bangs and Layered Style Long Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-6

7. Modern Mid-Long Hairstyles

Haircuts for Ladies-7

8. Chunky Lighted Long Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-8

9. Medium-Long Stylish Ladies Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-9

10. Long Feather Layered Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-10

11. Dark Brown Long Hair with V Cut

Haircuts for Ladies-11

12. Stylish Blonde Hairdo

Haircuts for Ladies-12

13. Chic Layered Cut

Haircuts for Ladies-13

14. Choppy Layered Ends

Haircuts for Ladies-14

15. Long Blonde Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-15

16. Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Haircuts for Ladies-16

17. Side Swept Hairstyle

Haircuts for Ladies-17

18. Wavy Long Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-18

19. Emo Hair Cut for Girls

Haircuts for Ladies-19

20. Classy Ladies Hairstyle

Haircuts for Ladies-20

21. Highlighted Ombre Hair

Haircuts for Ladies-21

22. Medium Cut with Ombre Color

Haircuts for Ladies-22

23. Bright Blonde Hairstyle

Haircuts for Ladies-23

24. Thick Hair with Layers

Haircuts for Ladies-24

25. Jlo’s Long Nice Hairstyle

Haircuts for Ladies-25