Brilliant and crazy hair color is a huge trend on long hairstyles right now. People are really having fun with a diversity of rainbow hues. If you’ve been feeling gloomy the past few months, why not take a cue from the lovely upcoming season and dye your hair a bright color? Namely, purple, because it is one of the most versatile and flattering shades you can possibly pop onto your pretty little head. Below you’ll find 25+ Best Purple Hair Colors. There are so many to choose from. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Pink Purple Hair Color Idea

Best Purple Hair Color

2. Purple Multi Thick Hair Colour

Purple Multi Hair Colour

3. Scene Purple Straight Hair Color

Scene Purple Hair Colors

4. Half Up Hair with Purple Color

Cool Hair Color Purple

5. Nice Curly Hairstyle for Purple Hair

Nice Hairstyles for Purple Hair

6. Violet Purple Wavy Hair Color

Violet Purple Hair Color Ideas

7. Straight Purple Ombre Hair Color

Purple Ombre Hair Color Ideas

8. Trendy Very Long Purple Hair Color

Best Trendy Purple Hair Colors

9. Layered Hair Color Dark Purple

Hair Color Dark Purple Styles

10. Straight Hairstyle for Light Purple Hair

Best Hairstyles for Light Purple Hair

11. 2015 Different Purple Hair

2015 Purple Hair Trends

12. Black Purple Ombre Hair Color

Black Purple Ombre Hairstyles

13. Dark Purple Curly Hair

Dark Purple Hair Ideas

14. Bright Violet Purple Hair

Violet Purple Hair Styles

15. Purple Color Plum Hair Back View

Purple Color Plum Hair Ideas

16. Pastel Purple Half Up Hair

Pastel Purple Hair Color

17. Red Purple Long Layered Hair

Red Purple Hair Color

18. Brown to Purple Ombre Hair Color

Brown to Purple Ombre Hair

19. Dark Red Purple Color for Very Long Hair

Dark Red Purple Hair Color

20. Stylish Wavy Purple Hair Color

Stylish Purple Hair Color

21. Blue Purple Long Hair

Purple Long Hair

22. Braided Hair Color Purple

Nice Hair Colors Purple

23. Dark Purple Hair Color Style

Best Purple Hair Color Styles

24. Purple Messy Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

Best Purple Hairstyles for Long Hair

25. Pink Ombre on Purple Hair Color

Pink Purple Hair Colors

26. Pastel Purple Hair Color with Shades

Best Purple Hair Color with Shades

27. Purple Color for Long Wavy Hair

Purple Color for Long Hairstyles