For fall and winter time you must get new wardrobe, learn some new make up tricks but before all that you should think of your glamorous hair colors! If you want to get back to summer and sunny days, you can play with sunset blonde hair colors. If you want to look more like winter, play with pastel blonde hair shades. So what are the hair color trends for 2016? First of all we again face the natural looks. All of them are full of warmth and sensuality, and for colder winter evening they will brighten up your image and make you look memorable. In this article, we have collected 2015 – 2016 Blonde Hair Trends. Check them out and get inspired!

1. 2015 Long Blonde Hair Trends

Best 2015 Blonde Hair Trends

2. Platinum Blonde Straight Hair Trends 2015

Platinum Blonde Hair Trends 2015

3. Cute Blonde Straight Hair Trends

Cute Blonde Hair Trends

4. Fine Blonde Hair 2015 Trends

Best Blonde Hair 2015 Trends

5. Nice Blonde Hair Colour Trends for Girls 2015

Nice Blonde Hair Colour Trends 2015

6. 2015 Blonde Reverse Pink Ombre Hair Trends

2015 Blonde Reverse Ombre Hair Trends

7. Charming Light Ash Blonde Hair Trends 2015

Light Ash Blonde Hair Trends 2015

8. Nice Platinum Blonde Hair Trends

Nice Blonde Hair Trends 2016

9. Thick Rose Gold Blonde Hair 2015 Trends

Rose Gold Blonde Hair 2015 Trends

10. Ash Blonde Beachy Wavy Highlights Hair Colour Trends 2015

Ash Blonde Highlights Hair Colour Trends 2015

11. Honey Blonde Highlighted Wavy Hair Trends 2015

Best Blonde Braided Hair Trends 2015

12. Blonde Braided Hair Trends for 2015-2016

Honey Blonde Highlighted Hair Trends 2015

13. Blonde Balyage Fine Hair Trends

Blonde Balyage Hair Trends 2015 2016

14. Soft Blonde Hair Trends 2015

Best White Blonde Hair Trends 2015

15. Long Bleached Blonde Hair Trends 2015

Long Blonde Hair Trends 2015-2016

16. Thick Blonde Layered Hair Trends

Thick Blonde Hair Trends 2015

17. Blonde Choppy Wavy Hair Trends 2015

Blonde Wavy Hair Trends 2015-2016

18. Dark Blonde Long Wavy Hair Trends

Dark Blonde Long Hair Trends 2015

19. Charming Platinum Blonde Long Hair for 2016

Best Platinum Blonde Long Hair Trends 2016

20. Blonde Long Hair with Pink Ombre for 2016

Blonde Ombre Long Hair Trends 2016

21. Blonde Dimensional Highlights for Long Hair Trends 2016

Blonde Dimensional Highlights Long Hair Trends 2016

22. Blonde Highlighted Ombre Trend

Blonde Purple Ombre Trend

23. 2016 Blonde Purple Long Ombre Hair Trends

2016 Blonde Long Hair Trends

24. Pastel Blonde Loose Wavy Hair Trends

Pastel Blonde Hair Trends

25. Trendy Pink Blonde Hair Style

Trendy Blonde Hair Style 2016

26. 2015 Highlighted Blonde Straight Hair Trends

Best 2015 Highlighted Blonde Hair Trends