Having long hair is one of many women’s biggest aims. Growing out long, healthy hair takes patience and care. The best thing about having long hair is that you can actually do anything you want with it. Long hair looks charming and feminine, so it is always popular no matter how the hair trends change. There are many people want to create the long hair. So if you’re ready for a change, but not quite convinced a short hair is for you, try one of these 20+ Womens Long Hairstyles. Check them out and choose the best for your next style!

1. Long Highlighted Layered Hairstyle

Best Womens Long Hairstyles

2. Long Dark Brown Straight Hairstyle

Long Dark Brown Hair Hairstyle

3. Beachy Wavy Hairstyle with Long Hair

Wavy Hairstyles with Long Hair

4. Blonde Long Hairstyle with Pink Ombre Color for 2016

2016 Hair Styles Long

5. French Braid Low Ponytail Style for Long Hair

French Braid Style for Long Hair

6. Long Brown Hairstyle with Wavy Ends

Best Womens Long Brown Hairstyles

7. Long Blonde Hairstyle with Waves

Best Long Blonde Hair Hairstyle

8. Soft Wavy Half Up Hairstyle with Long Hair

Best Soft Wavy Hairstyles with Long Hair

9. Crown Braided Updo Long Hair Style

Braided Updo Hair Styles Long

10. Straight Layered Cut Style for Long Hair

Layered Cut Style for Long Hair

11. Half Up Prom Hair Style for Long Hair

Half Up Hair Style for Long Hair Ideas

12. Simple Layered Hairstyle for Long Hair

Best Simple Hairstyle for Long Hair

13. Dark Layered Wavy Hairstyle for Long Hair

Best Layered Wavy Hairstyle for Long Hair

14. Blonde Choppy Layered Long Hairstyle

Womens Choppy Layered Long Hairstyle

15. Curly Long Dark Hairstyle

Womens Curly Long Hairstyle Ideas

16. Beachy Wavy Long Highlighted Hairstyle

Womens Beachy Wavy Long Hairstyle

17. Long Straight Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

Womens Long Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

18. Long French Braided Hairstyle for Women

Womens Long Braided Hairstyle 2015

19. Long Dark Layered Haircut

Best Womens Long Layered Haircuts

20. V Style Long Haircut

Best V Style Womens Haircuts

21. Long Highlighted Braided Ponytail for Women

Long Braided Ponytail Womens Hairstyles

22. Brunette Ombre Long Hair

Womens Brunette Long Hairstyles