We all know the rap queen Nicki Minaj. She is famous all over the world for so many things from her music to her style of dressing and her crazy and colorful hairstyles. Many people love Nicki Minaj not just for her music that defied social standards but for her amazing hairstyles. This includes her long hairstyles – and we mean long! This is why we have created this article and are going to offer you amazing long hairstyles of Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is known for her crazy and adventurous hairstyles, especially for those long hairstyles that she seems to be so fond of. It is a very simple hairstyle yet it has an elegant effect to it and gives her that beautiful look! This look that we are referring to here is that sleek and simple long black hairstyle that she wears. It drops down to just about where her knees are and it leaves her looking amazing and like the cool diva she is! Another long hairstyle that has been worn by rap singer Nicki Minaj is the simple long black hairstyle but the way in which it is different from the previously mentioned one is that it has a fringe! You can pull this look off easily! All you have to do is grow your hair out and style it, style your already long hair and dye it, or get yourself a wig and rock it while you are walking down the street! If you would like your hair to directly be a copy of Nicki Minaj’s just be sure to have it sleek and colored black! So, now that you have the styles, you can experiment!

1-Nicki Minaj Long Hair

Nicki Minaj Long Hair, Hair Nicki Minaj Long

2-Sleek Dark Hair

Sleek Dark Hair, Nicki Minaj Hair Love

3-Thick Wavy Long Hair

Thick Wavy Long Hair, Hair Nicki Styles 2018

4-Blonde with Dark Roots

Blonde with Dark Roots, Hair Nicki Minaj Long

5-Cool Style

Cool Style, Hair Nicki Minaj Long

6- Long Blonde Hair

Cosplay Nicki Minaj 2017

7- Black Hair

Nicki Minaj Beauty Hair

8- Straight Hair with Fringe

Nicki Minaj Beach Hair

9- Nicki Minaj Ponytail

Hair Ponytail Braids Styles

10- Long Straight Hair

Hair Nicki Minaj Long

11- Hair with Fringe

Hair Nicki Minaj One

12- Leopard Print Hair

Nicki Minaj Hair Long

13- Nicki Minaj Pink Hair

Nicki Hair Minaj Pink

14- Wavy Hair

Nicki Minaj African Woman

15- Gorgeous Look

Nicki Minaj Long Barbie

16- Straight Black Hair

Nicki Minaj Fashion Kardashian

17- Blonde Hairstyle

Nicki Minaj Hair Year

18- Blonde Hair with Fringe

Sims Nicki Minaj Hair

19- Straight Haircut with Fringe

Nicki Minaj Pink Kim

20- Longe Blonde Hair

Nicki Minaj Gomez Selena