These days, perms can be fine-tuned to give you completely the kind of wave you want. You can get perms that just add body to fine, limp hair; you can get loose, sexy waves or you can go for the corkscrew curls that many straight-haired girls envy. A permanent wave, also known as a perm, is a chemical hair treatment that can be used to add curl and body to your hair. Every perm has two parts: the physical wrapping of the hair into shapes and a chemical bath that breaks and then reforms the disulphide bonds of your long hair. In this article, we have compiled some perfect loose perm curly hair. Take a peek at these 20+ Loose Perm Hair and get inspired!

1. Loose Perm Hairstyle

Best Loose Perm Hair

2. Loose Blonde Permed Hair

Chic Loose Permed Hair

3. Loose Perm Long Hairstyle

Best Loose Perm Hairstyles

4. Loose Light Brown Perm Hair

Best Loose Hair Perm

5. Dark Wave Loose Perm Hair

Wave Loose Perm Hair Styles

6. Loose Permed Long Brown Hair

Loose Permed Long Hairstyles

7. Cute Loose Perm Brown Hairstyle

Loose Perm Brown Hairstyles

8. Loose Beachy Wavy Hair Perm

Best Loose Beachy Waves Hair Perm

9. Loose Wave Perm Hairstyle Back View

Best Loose Waves Perm Hairstyles

10. Beach Wave Dark Perm Hairstyle

Beach Wave Perm Hairstyles

11. Nice Loose Perm Hairstyle for Black Women

Nice Loose Perm Hairstyles

12. Cute Loose Messy Perm Hairstyle

Cute Loose Perm Hairstyles

13. Blonde Loose Perm Hairstyle for Women

Blonde Loose Perm Hairstyles

14. Stylish Loose Blonde Perm Hairstyle

Stylish Loose Perm Hairstyles

15. Loose Platinum Blonde Perm Hairstyle

Gray Hair Loose Perm Hairstyles

16. Long Beach Wave Dark Perm Hairstyle

Long Hair Beach Wave Perm Hairstyles

17. Cute Curly Dark Copper Perm Hairstyle

Best Cute Curly Hair Perm Hairstyles

18. Trendy Loose Permed Long Hair

Trendy Loose Perm Hair Styles

19. V Shaped Cut Loose Perm Hairstyle

V Shaped Cut Loose Perm Hair Styles

20. Layered Cut Loose Perm Light Brown Hair

Layered Cut Loose Perm Hair Styles

21. Dark Brown Loose Perm Hairstyle

Dark Brown Loose Perm Hair Styles