Everyone wants long hair, especially if you have been trying to grow out that short hair of yours that just will not grow at all! In this case, you can become very frustrated and this is the same for people with long hair who want a change in their hairstyle but do not want to go through that process of cutting it off. Maybe you just do not want to part with your luscious locks and you would like to keep them right where they are. This is why we have this article for you! We have created a list of some amazing and beautiful long layered hair with fringe hairstyles just for you! If you are looking for a change that is simple yet not too drastic, then you should go with this simple and elegant hairstyle. You can have your hair cut in layers and you do not at all have to part ways with the length! All you need to do is to tell your hair stylist that you want your long hair layered and you would like them to cut a fringe for you too! This look can become much more beautiful when you add some highlights or you add some color to it! You could even have it straightened to accentuate those layers and have it look choppy! Your bangs – or your fringe – are completely up to you! You can have it layered too and you can have your bangs long or short, whichever you prefer! So, now that you have an idea of how to get long layered hair, you can get started!

1-Long Layered Hair with Fringe

Long Layered Hair with Fringe, Long Bangs Hair Side

2-Straiht Hair Bangs

Straiht Hair Bangs, Hair Bangs Brown Ombre

3-Asian Style

Asian Style, Long Shag Bangs Layered

4-Choppy Cut

Choppy Cut, Hair Long Hairtyles Bangs

5-Side Layered Bangs

Side Layered Bangs, Hair Long Saç Styles

6- Wavy Black Hair

Hairtyles Long Layered Short

7- Hair with Bangs

Bangs Hairtyles Hair Long

8- Layered Hair

Bob Side Long Bangs

9- Layers with Fringe

Medium Bangs Hair 50

10- Layered Blonde Hair with Bangs

Blonde Hair Balayage 60

11- Wavy Hair

Hair Auburn Long Messy

12- Hair with Highlights

Long Layered Brown Haircuts

13- Blonde Hair with Fringe

Hair Long Bangs Fringe

14- Layered Hairstyle

Long Hair Layered Bangs

15- Dark Hair

Black Layered Hair Long

16- Straight Blonde Hair

Hair Hairtyles Bangs Layered

17- Long Layered Hair with Fringe

Hair Long Bangs Ombre

18- Blonde Fringe Long Hair

Hair Long Fringe Hairtyles

19- Shaggy Bangs

Hair Long Bangs Shaggy

20- Long Wavy Hair and Fringe

Hair Long Ombre Brown