We all dread the summer heat and we all would like to look our best in the season in which it is most hot. The sun is out, everything is warm, people are doing activities, kids are playing outside, people are swimming, neighbors are having pool parties, and the most dreaded thing about summer…long hair. In this day and age, who has the time to worry about the length of their hair getting in the way of their daily activities? Most people just cannot seem to ever part with their long hair and end up tying it up into either a bun or a ponytail. They even braid it tightly so that there are no annoying little hairs in their faces. This is a problem that calls for the easiest haircut to maintain – the bob! In this article, we can offer you some long graduated bob haircuts that might get your creative juices flowing and will hopefully inspire you to get your own graduated bob cut done. This hairstyle is quite simple and you might have seen this look on none other than Jennifer Aniston. For this look, you can go all out. However, it does look best when your hair is not curled but straight. This adds onto that classy and elegant look. You could keep your natural hair color as well and just add some highlights here and there if you wish! You could even dye it a light shade of any color that you want or a pastel color. So, now that you have this graduated bob hairstyle idea fresh in your mind, go to your salon and get it done!

1-Long Graduated Bob Hairtyle

Long Graduated Bob Hairtyle, Hair Color Hairtyles 20

2-Dark Red

Dark Red, Hair Bob Length Color

3-Wavy Inverted Bob

Wavy Inverted Bob, Bob Hairtyles Long Brunette

4-A Line Cut

A Line Cut, Bob Hairtyles Long Balayage

5-Straight Layered Style

Straight Layered Style, Bob Hairtyles Hair Graduated

6- Long in Front, Short in Back

Bob Long Hairtyles Blonde

7- Blonde Balayage Hair

Bob Blonde Ash Hairtyles

8- Gorgeous Bob Hair

Bob Hairtyles Hair Long

9- Angled Bob

Bob Angled Hairtyles Long

10- Dark Bob Hair

Hair Bob Long Gray

11- Graduated Blonde Hair

Bob Hairtyles Stacked Blonde

12- Layered Bob Cut

Color Bob Long Hairtyles

13- Long Bob Hair

Hairtyles Haircuts Side Length

14- Stacked Bob

Bob Blonde Stacked Balayage

15- Blonde Hair

Bob Hair Hairtyles Blonde

16- Graduated Bob

Bob Graduated Hairtyles Short

17- Wavy Stacked Bob Hair

Bob Choppy Brown Hairtyles

18- Inverted Long Bob Layers

Bob Hairtyles Long Inverted

19- Inverted Bob

Blonde Bob Inverted Highlights

20- Cute Bob Style

Bob Choppy Blonde Straight