During winter, or any season for that matter, girls always want a fresh, cute style, and braided long hairstyles are totally a great part of that. We love braids in a hairstyle because they add dimension, different textures and a different attractiveness to your look. The types of braids seems endless… with so many new looks found on the streets, runways, etc.. Here are 20+ Cool Braids for Long Hair to try! Let’s check them:

1. Cool Side Braids for Long Hair

Best Cool Braids for Long Hair

2. Cool Half Up Braids for Long Hair

Chic Cool Braids Long Hair

3. Beautiful Thick Hairstyle for Long Hair Braids

Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Hair Braids

4. Blonde Braids for Very Long Blonde Hair

Hair Braids for Long Blonde Hair

5. Long Light Brown Hairstyle with Side Cornrows

Long Hair Hairstyles Side Cornrows Braids

6. Trendy Braided Half Up for Long Hair

Trendy Braids for Long Hair Styles

7. Messy Cool Braided Long Hair

Messy Cool Braids Long Hair Styles

8. Cool Long Hair with Braided Crown

Cool Hairstyles for Long Hair Braid Crown

9. Stylish Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Stylish Hair Braids for Long Hair Styles

10. Ponytail Long Hairstyles with French Braids

Best Ponytail Long Hair Hairstyles with Braids

11. Braid Crown Long Half Up Hairstyle

Best Braid Crown Long Hair Hairstyles

12. Cute Summer Trend Braided Long Hair

Summer Trend Braided Long Hairstyles

13. Feather Braided Long Dark Hair

Feather Braided Long Hair

14. Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

Fishtail Braid Long Hairstyles

15. Side Braided Long Thick Hair

Side Braid Long Thick Hair Styles

16. Side French Braid Wavy Long Hair

Side French Braid Long Hairstyles

17. Braided Bun Highlighted Long Hair

Braided Bun Long Hairstyles

18. Beach Braids Long Blonde Hairstyle

Beach Braids Long Hair Styles

19. French Braids Long Fine Hair Ponytail

French Braids Long Hair Ponytail Styles

20. Long Braided Half Up Hair Trend

Best Long Hair Braided Trend

21. Long Side French Braid

Long Side Braid Styles

22. Long Center Braids Hairstyle with Ombre Color

Long Center Braids Hairstyles