When you have fine hair, you probably have two main concerns: lack of volume and flyaways. In some respects fine hair is one of the hardest hair textures to find a suitable style for. A clever style will add the volume you want and control flyaways. Although many haircuts for long hair look all alike, the choice of the right cut for lengthy locks is no less responsible than the choice of a short or medium crop. Well, then you need some layering that can vary, depending on your hair thickness, length and texture. All over medium and long layers are good when you prefer to remove extreme bulk and give your locks a new life. With fine long cut you may want to go only for layering at front, leaving the remaining locks one length or lightly layered. In this article, we have compiled 15+ Latest Textured Hairstyles. Take a glance and get inspired!

1. Thick Textured Hairstyle

Latest Textured Hairstyles

2. Ombre Textured Haircut

Best Textured Haircuts

3. Textured Long Layered Straight Hair

Textured Long Layered Hair

4. Long Textured Layered Haircut

Best Long Textured Haircuts

5. Long Ginger Textured Messy Haircut

Long Textured Messy Haircuts

6. Chic Long Textured Blonde Haircut

Long Textured Blonde Haircuts Ideas

7. Long Textured Straight Blonde Haircut

Long Textured Straight Haircuts

8. Trendy Long Textured Thick Haircut

Trendy Long Textured Haircuts

9. Modern Textured Haircut with Bangs

Modern Textured Haircuts

10. Beach Wave Textured Ombre Haircut

Beach Wave Textured Haircuts

11. Thick Hair with Textured Haircut

Thick Hair Textured Haircuts Ideas

12. Textured Haircut with Half Bun

Best Textured Haircuts Bun

13. Trendy Textured Haircut for Thick Hair

Trendy Textured Haircuts Thick Hair Styles

14. Bohemian Textured Long Haircut

Bohemian Textured Haircuts Long Hair

15. Layered Textured Haircut with Bangs

Textured Haircuts with Bangs

16. Wavy Textured Haircut for Wavy Hair

Textured Haircuts for Wavy Hairstyles