When we talk about haircuts and hairstyles for teenagers, we can’t look only in one direction. Their moods change like spring breeze. Today they want to be a “good girl” with two modest braids and tomorrow they are a great party goer with a funky Mohawk. So with the new year 2016, many girls desire to upgrade their hairstyles. In this article, we will introduce some splendid, amazing and striking long styles. Braids, ponytails, waves, curls etc.. If you want a braid hairstyle, it always offers people a fun and romantic look. Anyway, a ponytail is always in trend. If you desire added volume on you hair, you can turn to curly or wavy hairstyle, which can always make your hair bouncy and voluminous. So, for anymore, check out these 15+ Girls Hairstyles 2015.

1. Braided Half Up Hairstyle for Girls 2015

Best Girls Hairstyles 2015

2. Long Straight Hairstyle with Headband for Girls 2015

Nice Hairstyles for Girls 2015

3. Fine Brown Hairstyle with Fringe for Girls 2015

Girl Fringe Hairstyles 2015

4. Top Braided Ponytail Hairstyle for Girls 2015

Top Braided Girl Hairstyle 2015

5. Cutest Curly Long Hairstyle 2015

Girls Curly Long Hairstyles 2015

6. Burgundy Wavy Hairstyle for Girls 2015

Best Burgundy Hairstyles for Girls 2015

7. Braided Ponytail Girl Hairstyle 2015 Back View

Best Braided Ponytail Girl Hairstyles 2015

8. Half Up Girl Wavy Hairstyle 2015

Best Half Up Girl Hairstyle 2015

9. Volleyball Braided Hairstyle for Girls

Best Volleyball Hairstyles for Girls

10. Plum Bun Hairstyle for Girls

Best Plum Hairstyles for Girls

11. Caramel Blonde Layered Hair for Girls

Caramel Blonde Hair for Girls 2015

12. Long Headbanded Hair for Girls

Best Headbanded Hair for Girls

13. Braided Crown Updo Hairstyle for Girls 2015

Braided Crown Hairstyles for Girls 2015

14. Skater Girl Long Hair 2015

Skater Girl Hairstyles 2015

15. Girl Brown Hair Curls with Braids

Girls Hair Curls with Braids

16. Braided Side Highlighted Ponytail Hairstyle

Braided Side Ponytail Hairstyles

17. Girl Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

Girls Top Knot Hairstyles 2015