Long and wavy hair is really popular among women of all ages with different styles. It can be so versatile and achieved easily with few steps.

First of all, if you have naturally wavy hair you are really lucky because all you need to do is using some texturing hair spray or hair mousse to style your hair easily. Women with straight and thick hair can easily style their hair into different and gorgeous wavy styles. With a curling iron, you can create really nice big waves for every day or flat iron would help you to sport messy beach waves. Beach waves are really popular among women and they are perfect for every season and for almost any occasions. Layering is the key to create natural looks on long hairstyles with a sea salt spray, give some texture with sea salt spray and then complete your natural waves with a hair spray.

Now it is time to browse our gallery for the best ways to create different long wavy hairstyles and look stylish!

1. Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair Hairstyle

Ombre Hair Hairstyles

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2. Dark to Light Long Ombre Hairstyle

Long Ombre Hairstyles

3. Highlighted Ombre Long Hairstyle

Ombre Long Hairstyles

4. Pastel Pink Ombre Hair Color

Long Hair Ombre Color

5. Brown to Red Ombre Hair Color Style

Ombre Hair Color Styles


Long Ombre Hairstyles-6


Long Ombre Hairstyles-7


Long Ombre Hairstyles-8


Long Ombre Hairstyles-9


Long Ombre Hairstyles-10


Long Ombre Hairstyles-11


Long Ombre Hairstyles-12


Long Ombre Hairstyles-13


Long Ombre Hairstyles-14


Long Ombre Hairstyles-15